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 When the Moon is not flanked by the planets on both of her sides, Kemadruma Yoga is caused.


The individual born under Kemadruma Yoga will become obscure, miserable, given to base ways, penurious, drudging as menials and wicked by inclination.


Different authors subscribe to different views about Kemadurma Yoga. Varaha Mihira has emphasized on the effects of this Yoga more to the persons born in royal families than on to those born with ordinary background.

About the formation of the Yoga 'Jataka parijata' (7 /83) say-

In the absence of above three Yogas, Kemadruma Yoga is caused, but some do not acknowledge this Yoga if the quadrants from the Lagna or the Moon are associated with other planets or the Moon herself is angular to the Lagna.

The Sloka mentioned above from 'Jatak Parijata' is originally from Varaha Mihira's 'Brihat Jataka'.

The essence of all the Lunar Yogas seems to lie in the fact that the Moon should be under the effect of some planet.
The Moon or the mind of an individual does not get initiation if it is not influenced by any of the planets excepting the Sun. If she is near to the Sun she does not have strength. It seems to us that there is no Kemadruma Yoga if the Moon in any manner is influenced by any of the five planets excepting the Sun. In support of our view we give the following example.

Below is the Horoscope of Anil Ambani (Riches to Rags):


The following conditions mentioned in Jataka Parijata are also recognised conditions as Kemadurma Yogas or Daridra Yogas.

1. The Moon in the 1st or 7th house without benefic aspect of Jupiter.
2. The Moon conjunct the Sun occupies a malefic Navamasa and is aspected by a depressed planet.
3. The 8th house from the waning Moon is occupied or aspected by a malefic planet for a night born native.
4. The Moon seized by Rahu or Ketu and aspected by a malefic planet.
5. The 4t.b house from the Moon or Lagna occupied by a malefic.
6. The Moon seized by Rahu or Ketu and aspected by a benefic who is defeated in planetary war.
7. The Moon in the sign Libra, but in the malefic Vargas aspected by a depressed or inimical planet.
8. The Moon in a quadrant or trine, but in the Vargas of her depression or inimical signs and Jupiter also in the 6th, 8th or 12th to her.
9. The Moon in a movable sign, in a malefic Navamasa aspected by an inimical planet, but not aspected by Jupiter in any manner, the poverty to the native is unparalleled.
10. Saturn and Venus occupying the Vargas of depressed or inimical planets aspect each other or are in the same sign, even the native of a princely family will experience the effect of Kemadruma Yoga.
11. For a night birth, the Moon with a malefic occupying a malefic sign or Navamsa and aspected by the 10th lord who is weak.
12. The Moon in depression Navamsa associated with a planet in Khala state.
13. For a night birth waning Moon occupying her depression sign.

Friday, 29 January 2021


If there are planets excepting the Sun on either side of the Moon, the configuration is named Durudhura Yoga.


The individual born under Durudhura Yoga will be bountiful, will enjoy enormous wealth and comforts.


By different placements of planets in the houses adjacent to the Moon, the person's mind is coloured by the characteristics of those planets and he proceeds to find his place in this world accordingly to enjoy power and wealth. There are 31 vanetles of Sunapha Yogas and equally the same number for Anapha Yogas and there are 180 kinds of Durudhura Yoga transmutations.

Planets around the Moon in debility or some other way weak do not cause a good quality Durudhura Yoga. Compared to Sunapha and Anapha Yogas, Durudhura Yoga is more effective and does not occur so frequently. The Moon is enormously fortified to yield good results if flanked by the planets on both of its sides.

'Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra' (37 I 1 0) describe the Yoga:

One born in Durudhura Yoga will enjoy pleasures, be charitable and endowed with wealth, conveyances and excellent serving force.

ln the above Yogas the term 'excepting the Sun' is used because the Moon near to the Sun is not a benefic being weak in Paksha Bala. It is the strength of the Moon which is instrumental in these Yogas and other Lunar Yogas.

Some important combinations are -
. The subject with the Moon between Mars and Mercury will be untruthful though merited and clever. He will be depraved, censorious and avaricious and addicted to unchaste women.

The subject with the Moon between Mars and Jupiter will be renowned, owns fortunes due to his mighty exertions, but harassed by foes.

The subject with the Moon between Mars and Venus will be handsome, attractive, cruel, cheerful, virtuous, wealthy, but swerve morality.

The subject with the Moon between Mars and Saturn will be addicted to vilely women, wrathful, rich, treacherous, contending with numerous enemies, but unscathed and unconstrict.

The subject with the Moon between Mercury and Jupiter will be pious, conversant with sacred scriptures, eloquent, facile in opposition, associated with noble men and of great fame.

The subject with the Moon between Mercury and Venus will be Vt1rsed in dancing, music, love making, handsome, intelligent and will be of heroic temperament and agreeable speech.

The subject with the Moon between Mercury· and Saturn will be revered, have moderate wealth and learning, averse to his kiths and kins and will roam in foreign lands.

The subject with the Moon between Jupiter and Venus will be princely, prosperous, polite, valiant, celebrated and guiltless.

The subject with the Moon between Saturn and Jupiter will be comfortable, knowledgeable and learned, handsome, worthy, owning wealth, conciliatory powers and humility.

The subject with the Moon between Venus and Saturn will be a leader in his tribe, wedded to ancient systems, will have much wealth, will enjoy royal favours and will lord a band of worthless females.

If the Moon be in conjuction with Rahu or Ketu or if Rahu
occupies 12th house from the Moon, or if the planet producing
Durudhura Yoga be depressed or obscured by the Sun's rays,
the effect of the Yoga will be of mixed type to the person there in.

See the below chart  of a millionaire enjoying ancestral wealth and his own earnings are also very good. He is enjoying loyal servants and conveyances. He has an electrifying intellect. The Moon in a watery sign is flanked by Saturn (in own sign) and Jupiter (in a Martian sign) and aspected by Mars from the discriminating sign Virgo.

Thursday, 15 October 2020

Science of Nadi Astrology

 Naadi (Nadi) has 4 different meanings in Sanskrit literature:

1) Nadi = Swara or Breathe movement. A human being inhales and exhales on an average of 21,600 times a day.

E.g. Ida (Chandra), Pingala (Surya) and Sushumna nadis.

2) Nadi = "Pulses" used in Ayurvedic system, to find kind of disease the patient is suffering by observing throbbing's of Pulses as felt on Patients wrist.

3) Nadi use in Marriage alliance for Compatibility. Adya - Madhya - Antya .

4) Nadi in Astrology is a small unit of Arc of the Zodiac to rise in the east as ascendant.

There are more than 20 Nadi granthas (Samhithas) prevalent in South India in the form of old Palm-leaf bundles in Sanskrit language.

Nadiamsa is 150th part of a Raasi or one-fifth (12 minutes) of a degree. Entire space of 360 degrees of Zodiac is divided into 1800 Nadiamsas.

Nadiamsa count is different for
a) Movable signs - regular order from 1 to 150.
b) Immovable (Fixed) signs - the count is reverse i.e from 150 to 1.
c) Common signs - The count is firstly from 76 to 150 and then from 1 to 75.

List starts with Vasudha, Vaishnavi , Braahmi,... etc.. Nadiamsas.

Monday, 12 October 2020


 If there are planets, excepting the Sun, in the 12th house from the Moon, Anapha Yoga is caused.


An individual born under Anapha Yoga will be virtuous, eloquent in speech, will enjoy food, drinks, robes and females, will be famous, retrospecting, will possess a handsome body and renounces the world in advanced age.


The Moon is again the pivot in this Yoga as other five planets individually or in combinations fall in the 12th to her.

This Yoga forms an extremely wealthy combination, if the 12th from the Moon is occupied by exalted Venus or Jupiter for Aries and Leo Lagnas.

'Hora Sara' (19/3) describes beautifully thus-


 If there are planets excepting the Sun in the 2nd house from the Moon, Sunapha Yoga is caused.


An individual born under Sunapha Yoga will be a king or his equal with self acquired property and be renowned for his wisdom and wealth.


The Moon is very vital in this Yoga and the two Yogas following it. Sunapha Yoga has much to do with the financial prosperity of the native. The nature and the way of getting prosperity depends upon the planets in the 2nd and the 2nd lord from the Moon.

'Jataka Parijata' (7 /86-89) says-